I grew up in the charmingly, strange, colorful city of San Francisco as the oldest of two sisters born to first-generation Latin American parents. At the age of three I announced to them that I wanted to dance and so being the wonderfully encouraging parents that they were (and still are) they enrolled me in ballet lessons. I have always thought that it must take a special kind of toddler to know what their life's path should be but perhaps I am slightly biased. In my formative years I had the privilege of studying at the San Francisco Ballet School, Alonzo King's Lines Ballet School, and the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance. Early on I cultivated my father's sense of adventure and my mother's strong sense of self. It is a balance between the two that perhaps has afforded me some of my life's success.    

I moved away for college in order to gain independence and life perspective...ok fine, and a little bit to party. I received my degree in Dance from California State University, Long Beach. My parents were always fully supportive of my degree choice but were forthright that I would in no way ever be a "dumb dancer" (because art and ignorance are somehow directly related??) Hmm. Okkk. However, I did agree that I should not be "dumb" and my interests did span more than just dance so I took classes in Kinesiology and Nutrition. I also became certified to teach Pilates and took a comprehensive instructor training course through Body Arts and Science International.

Shortly after graduating I felt the urge to change scenery once again...this time to actually gain independence and life perspective. The opportunity to move to Chicago both quickly and unexpectedly presented itself and so I took it. Within a matter of weeks I uprooted my life in California and moved to Chicago with no job in place and roommates I found off of Craig's List. I know. It sounds like the beginnings of what could be a bad horror film but it all worked out, I made sure of it. I accepted a scholarship for continued training with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago/Lou Conte Dance Studio and quickly found work as a Pilates Instructor. I have been fortunate enough to accept company positions within Chicago's contemporary dance scene and have had a number of opportunities to even showcase my own work. I had always been interested in modeling and acting but did not take the opportunity to pursue it until relocating. I began taking classes and workshops with some of Chicago's most prominent instructors and the possibilities followed. I am an agency represented actor and model and have had the chance to work with some of the nation's most recognizable brands. My versatility has been my greatest asset in this business and my diligence has kept me in the forefront. I continue to take classes at many of Chicago's leading training facilities as I value the importance of keeping my craft refined. My desire to continually foster my artistic expression, communicate effectively through such outlets, and devotion towards inspiring others to live purposefully continues to fuel me.           

My Story